Bader Models has a world-renowned reputation for giving our clients exactly what they want. In fact, we specialize in custom reproductions. Models of contemporary and classic yachts, as well as other vessels ranging from naval ships to commercial liners, are constructed according to your specific requirements. Our master craftsmen, perfectionists that they are, ensure that every detail is right before the model arrives on your shores.


Like any fine item, it takes time and patience to create a Bader custom model. You shouldn't accept anything less than a perfect work of art to grace your boardroom, office or living room. Therefore, from the time that we receive your vessel's specifications and photographs, please allow four to six months for the completion of your exclusive hand-made model.


Custom Yacht and Ship Commissions


  1. A "pro forma" quote will be based on initial information. To facilitate this quote, please provide us with:


  • A few clear, well-lit photographs of the vessel
  • A basic line drawing (if available)
  • The size of the model desired (larger scale=more detail)


  1. If you would like to proceed based on the pro forma quote, please reconfirm the size/scale that you desire and forward the following information:


    A) Numerous color photographs of the vessel, which show:


  • The deck arrangement and fittings
  • Rigging detail, including flags, pennants and burgees
  • Close-ups of all lettering (from all locations on the hull)
  • The vessel hauled-out or in drydock, to show the keel, propeller(s), rudders, bow thrusters, etc.
  • All dinghies, tenders, launches, etc.
  • Aircraft, leisure items (Jet Skis, etc.) or unusual customer features, communications and navigation sensors, etc.


    B) Line Drawings:


  • Full body/hull diagrams
  • Deck arrangements
  • Port and Starboard profiles
  • Construction plan
  • Sail and rigging plan


C) Paint Scheme:


  • Bottom
  • Waterline and cove stripes
  • Topsides
  • Deck furniture
  • Masts and spars
  • Lettering


Upon receipt of this information a final quote will be provided to you. It is our policy to request an initial deposit covering 50% of the model's cost prior to commencing construction. The balance will be due upon notification of completion (via photographs).


An attractive brass plate with free engraving is provided for the ship's base.


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