Bader Models is a professional model studio committed to make quality architectural models.  Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, started operation in 1997 and have quickly established a reputation as top quality model maker worldwide.

We build precise architectural models for a variety of clients. Our unique knowledge of design, complemented by our understanding of color and texture, will help bring your creative visions to life.



Materials Used in Model making

1. Metal Etching
The metal etching process allows us to have strength and still have extremely fine detail on a variety of elements.  Examples of metal etching on our models are: people (at small scales), railings, steps, window frames, screens, antennas, signs, car parts (as pictured), fences, furniture, etc. Pieces can be etched on both sides or only one, plus all the way through the metal.

2. Laser Cutting/Scoring
 Different thicknesses of laser cut pieces can be layered to match raised or recessed areas.  The scoring technique is used to reproduce detailed and intricate patterns on surfaces without cutting completely through the material.

3. Digital Photography for Online Model Review
Architectural Models can visually keep you updated on the progress of your model construction with our digital capabilities.  Current photographs can be e-mailed so you can review details, color, etc., at your leisure on your computer.  This convenience can save you time, trips, and money plus making sure every aspect of your model construction is correct.

4. Wooden Base Frames
Our hand finished solid wood frames serve two purposes: (1) to hold the model and Plexiglas dust cover securely, and (2) to add correct proportions of weight and color when viewing each model.

5. Scale Accuracy
We use many precision tools and some with calibrations to ten thousandth of an inch.  This precision is important when dealing with many measurements.  The inconsistencies and incorrect scale measurements can be easily detected by most audiences and positive credibility is established only with accurate scale.

6. Making Molds and Casting
When we need exact likeness, to a particular scale and detail, we build masters to that scale, then mold and cast duplicates.  This procedure keeps integrity in achieving our "scale accuracy".

7. Contours and Landscaping
First we cut accurate elevations from a solid piece of polyurethane then sand and smooth to the exact site.  After the site is prepared we work at getting the vegetation to look just right and as natural as possible.

8. Color Matching
Our many years of commercial art, fine art and photo retouching experience have been most useful in the area of color to scale.  We will work from color swatches to match color on all surfaces such as bricks, metal roofs, rocks, trim, wood, siding, etc. The color is a very important aspect when detailing a model, knowing the exact color for highlights, painting normal color areas to scale and making shadows appear to have a natural depth

9. Materials and Techniques
Here are some of the materials and techniques we use to achieve unprecedented quality detailed presentation models

  • Metal Photo Etching
  • Cyanoacrylate Cements
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Solid Wood
  • Photo Transfers
  • Styrene
  • Metal/Plastic Lathe
  • Extruded Plastic
  • Custom Tinted Ac Molds and Casting
  • Layered Laser Cutting
  • Fiber Optics
  • Brass Name Plates
  • Airbrushing
  • CAD Engineering
  • Cast Water
  • Exterior Acrylic Paints

Our models are used for

  • Trade Shows
  • Board Rooms
  • Public Display
  • Conventions
  • Preconstruction
  • Advertising Sales Offices
  • Presentations
  • Court Room
  • Public Relations
  • Sales/Leasing

Our Line of productions:

  • Architectural Models
  • Yacht Models
  • Aircraft Models

The Team

Today, top quality three dimensional model-making is truly a blend of art and science - a combination of cutting edge technology and creative, artistic talent. Bader Models have got the...

EXPERTISEOur full-time staff includes architects, engineers, and artists and has a combined experience of over 20 years in all types of model-making.

TALENTNo model or miniature can be successfully created without well honed artistic talent, a wealth of patience, and the ability to conceptualize abstract ideas.

SKILL: Building models and miniatures requires knowledge, skill, and experience in design and engineering, interpretation of drawings, plans, or renderings, and mastery of a multitude of fabrication techniques, tools, materials, and processes.


We pride ourselves on delivering top quality work, on time, and at competitive prices.



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